Art Mandai

  • Today’s Catch

    Today’s Catch

    For the Pune Biennale in January 2017, the Art Mandai group chose the theme Merawala Blue. I extended my roadside-stone concept to the deep blue sea and up came Today’s Catch. Acrylic on roadside stone, 2017. Dimensions: Basket 10" diameter, stones vary. For sale. Rs6000.

  • Where I commute to

    Where I commute to

    Limited edition signed placemat, one of a set of six. A Bombay Cliché image, inset with a poem written to fit the mood of the Mumbai apartment block represented, created for Art Mandai 2017.

  • A visit to Mandai

    A visit to Mandai

    I decided to sell my produce in small baskets made in Mandai itself, and integrate with the local hereditary vendors. Picking up roadside stones and applying acrylic paints, I was surprised and intrigued to see faces gazing placidly back at me. Seen here interacting with young visitors at Art Mandai on 26 Jan 2016.

  • Tell me what you’re thinking

    Tell me what you’re thinking

    Acrylic on stone.

  • Amethyst


    Acrylic on stone. Collection of Udaya Manjeshwar.

  • Monster dot com

    Monster dot com

    Acrylic on stone.