The Patchmina collection originated in the congenital urge to recycle.
It began with bags made with scraps of discarded fabric, used for presents instead of gift paper. But no – it began decades before that, with scraps of discarded fabric my grandmother, Devi Bijlani, would cut into circles using a cardboard template. We sewed them into flowers which she’d use to make colourful covers. When I made some for this piece, which is inspired my Matisse’s Pensief, I named it Devi, after her.

  • Chain smoker

    Chain smoker

    For an outline in chain stitch - chain smoker, what else ...

  • Sangharsh


    In prayer - as in daily life - she sits behind.

  • Censored


    Framed in wedding sari border - chaste as it is, censored on principle. Collection of Sonu Bijlani

  • Writer
  • Waterlilies


    Gita's discarded chiffon stuffed into Candy's discarded cassette boxes ... inadvertently produced a simulation of Monet's Waterlilies ...

  • Patchmina boxes

    Patchmina boxes

    The possibilities are endless.

  • Bhadrakali



  • peel slowly and see

    peel slowly and see

    The Velvet Underground’s 1967 debut album had a controversial cover by Andy Warhol: the image of a banana with a “Peel Slowly And See” instruction. The banana peel was a sticker that revealed a flesh-coloured fruit beneath. This art work presents a pale imitation of Andy Warhol’s banana, embellished with crotchet flowers created from audio cassette tape.

  • Fishtival Season
  • Needlepoint family
  • Aggarwal Cross
  • Patchmina bags