Art Mandai

  • Art Mandai

    Art Mandai

    The Art Mandai group was initiated by artist Gauri Gandhi to reclaim public spaces, to integrate with local communities, and to bring art to those who may never consider visiting a gallery. A group of Pune artists sell their wares, low-priced original art, along with the vegetable and fruit vendors of Pune's historic Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Mandai.

  • Vagina


    This work was part of an exhibition at Art2Day Gallery, Pune, on the occasion of Women’s Day 8 March 2017. Click the image to read more. Acrylic on discarded plastic pipe, 2017. Dimensions: diameter 2” x height 2’. For sale. Rs12,000.

  • Where I commute to

    Where I commute to

    Limited edition signed placemat, one of a set of six. A Bombay Cliché image, inset with a poem written to fit the mood of the Mumbai apartment block represented, created for Art Mandai 2017.

  • I am who I am

    I am who I am

    This work was part of an exhibition at Art2Day Gallery, Pune, on the occasion of Women’s Day 8 March 2017. I arranged a set of selfies into a grid on the lines of a ‘wanted’ poster and gave each one it’s own character with pen and paint graffiti. Ink and paint graffiti on ivory card printout. Dimensions: A3 size. For sale. Rs12,000.

  • Today’s Catch

    Today’s Catch

    For the Pune Biennale in January 2017, the Art Mandai group chose the theme Merawala Blue. I extended my roadside-stone concept to the deep blue sea and up came Today’s Catch. Acrylic on roadside stone, 2017. Dimensions: Basket 10" diameter, stones vary. For sale. Rs6000.

  • A visit to Mandai

    A visit to Mandai

    I decided to sell my produce in small baskets made in Mandai itself, and integrate with the local hereditary vendors. Picking up roadside stones and applying acrylic paints, I was surprised and intrigued to see faces gazing placidly back at me. Seen here interacting with young visitors at Art Mandai on 26 Jan 2016.

  • Regal


    Acrylic and beads on roadside stone. Jan 2017. Collection of Ashwini Dasgupta.

  • Marriageable age

    Marriageable age

    A series of limited-edition signed bookmarks with a poem and the image of a roadside stone of the same name. For sale Rs200.